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The fictional scribblings of Lawrence Harding

Welcome. Here I will be uploading regular pieces of short fantasy fiction, for free. Words deserve to be shared, and the world needs a little enjoyment here and there. I hope you enjoy reading these pieces as much as I enjooyed writing them.

If you like what you find here, and you’re in a position to do so, please consider donate to my Ko-Fi account. This will keep my writing fuelled (or, at least, the caffeine needed to power it), and all tips received in the first week of every month will go to good causes. Follow me on Twitter at @lhardingwrites for updates.

In the Blood

Lawrence Harding It’s in the blood. Caster groaned as Mjorek’s words echoed round his head for the hundredth time since he’d first delved into this cave. His master usually hid his meanings in wordplay and trickery, in the hope that some lateral thinking would rub off on his apprentice. It was a bit of aContinue reading “In the Blood”

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